Environment policy

Respect for our environment, animals and our country nature, is important to us and therefore we emphasise to interrelate all of these by respect.

Therefore we will be ahead with natural, environmental and chemical free products for pets, as well as to meet current laws and regulations
in the field of environmental issues.

Our focus in environmental issues are.:

  • to be ahed offering natural, environmentally friendly, and chemical free products for pets
  • to meet current laws and regulations in field of environmental issues
  • to categorize all waste from the company
  • to only use eco friendly cleaners wherever possible
  • to be conscious about environmental issues generally
  • to endeavor to be neatness and to be exemplary to others in such matters
  • to be a pet friendly company where we empahise on general wellbeing of pets in a happy and wonderful environment
  • to be the pet owners best consultant about healthy eco friendly products, that support the health and wellbeing of pets
  • to encourage pet owners to be hygiene with their pets and to make sure that the pets do not cause dirt in the environment
  • to make sure that the environmental policy and its implementation is open and visible to public, so it can motivate others to be environmentally thinking in order to protect the environment for future generations