Greenfields Wire Coat Shampoo – 250ml


Wire Coat Shampoo

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This unique shampoo helps to retain the texture of wire and harsh coated dog breeds. It will not strip natural oils, damage or soften wired hair.

Formulated for dogs with a wired coat
Nourishes and keeps the coat in good condition
Leaves a healthy and silky coat
Makes the coat easy to comb
Suitable for regular use
pH balanced
Perfume is allergy free
Wet the coat thoroughly with lukewarm water. Use your hands to apply the shampoo to the coat. Vigorously massage the dog starting at their throat until the shampoo begins to foam well. Thoroughly rinse with clean, lukewarm water. Dry the coat with a towel or hairdryer. Comb or brush the coat well while it is still damp. Further dry the coat and brush well again.

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